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Tips and Info
Below is some information that will be useful to clients and links to some articles and tutorials for anyone who wants to learn more about various aspects of photography.


Portrait guidelines and suggestions
Some useful info if you are planning on having portraits taken.

  • Try to avoid cloths with writing or distinct logo's as this will distract attention and draw the eye of the viewer away from the subjects. Also where possible avoid very bright stripes or checks.

  • For family portraits try to have everyone wearing similar colours and shades.

  • If possible avoid wearing spectacles

  • Don't try to force children to smile as it normally just embarrasses and it always shows in the photograph.

Photography Info
In no particular order!

Lots of articles mainly on digital photography

Ron Bigelow Photography - Check out the articles link for a wide range of photography subjects.

The luminous landscape
Lots of information and tutorials on all aspects of photography and post processing.

Digital Photography Review
Camera reviews, info & discussions forums.